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Dark Deeds - 6 new character backgrounds for Dungeons & Dragons

Loot The Room - Roleplaying tips and resources

Short Stories

Sealed With A Kiss (2012) - Short story on As Above, So Below
Potency (2012)- Flash fiction on FlashFlood Journal.
Marionette (2012) - Short story in Cutaway Magazine (Store)
Language (2012) - Flash fiction piece in Tomorrows, which I edited
Hello Blackbird (2011) - Flash fiction piece in Daily Flash 2012 (Amazon)
Jingle Bells and Clockwork Elves - My 2010 Christmas card. Published in Daily Flash 2012 (Amazon)
Well (2011) - Twitter fiction on Nanoism.
Convergence (2011) - Episode 18 of Red Phone Box (Amazon).
The Captain's Chair (2011) - Flash fiction piece in Daily Flash 2012 (|Amazon)
First, Be Still (2010) – Appeared in the Fem-Fangs anthology by Pill Hill Press (Amazon|Waterstones)