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Thursday, 15 September 2016

Dark Deeds

Dark Deeds, the D&D book I've been working on this last month or so, is available on DM's Guild right now.

Originally I planned for this to contain 10 new backgrounds, but (as I said in my last update) the art was taking too long and pushing the whole thing back. I decided this week that it was better to release what I had and move on to this month's project for Loot The Room while there was still time in the month,

What that means is that I have 4 chapters from this book written but lacking art. I'll either finish them off and release an updated version of Dark Deeds containing them when the art is done, or work on another few backgrounds to go with them for a future book. I haven't decided yet.

Still, whether it contains everything I wanted it to or not, it feels good to have finished something. And it feels even better to already be getting sales and feedback from people who have enjoyed it. I'm excited to work on the next project, and that's the important part.

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