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Friday, 29 January 2016


One of my goals for this year is to start writing and releasing my own music on a regular basis. I don't expect to make any money at it, but I think it's about time I found out whether other people like my songs as much as I do (I'm guessing not, but who knows?). In the past I've released things under different band names without ever attaching my name to them, and they've gone unnoticed. I've decided to say fuck it to all the pretense, and instead just start throwing songs out there.

So, I've got a new Soundcloud. There are a couple of tracks there now, and I'm going to try and commit to a new song at least every fortnight. We'll see how that goes. If experience has told me anything it's that the second I set a goal like that, life comes along and kicks me until I realise I'm never going to achieve it. So we'll see.

For now, have a listen to a track from a project I'm calling SKYSHAPER. And if you like it, maybe follow me over there and give me a cheeky little share. Maybe.

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