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Monday, 20 July 2015

Critical Role

Yesterday my first article went up on CrittersDnD, the Critical Role fansite. It's all about character creation in 5th edition D&D, and personally I think it's a good read.

I've been playing D&D for a long time - since I was bought the 2nd edition First Quest starter set for my birthday back in 1994 - but I've never really had the chance to play a long campaign. I'e pumped a lot of time and money into the hobby, but all I've really got to show for it is a huge collection of dusty books and notebooks full of maps.

About 6 weeks ago Wil Wheaton began his RPG show, Titansgrave, on Geek and Sundry. My girlfriend and I started watching it, and we really enjoyed it. Then, between episodes and stuck for something to watch, we happened across another Geek and Sundry show - Critical Role, where Matthew Mercer and a bunch of his voice actor friends Twitch stream their D&D game. (If you haven't heard of Matthew Mercer, go check him out. He's done some voices you'll definitely have heard - Levi in Attack on Titan, and Tygra in the new ThunderCats - and was responsible for one of my all-time favourite web shows, There Will Be Brawl.)

Long story short, we loved it and Hollie decided she really wanted to play D&D. So we got a group together, and I'm now running a 5th edition campaign. And, even better than that? I get to write about it, and gaming in general, over at Critters DnD.

What that means is I'm actually going to be blogging fairly regularly again. I'm aiming to do one post a week over there, but as I've had this blog sitting dormant for so long I figure I should make use of it. So I'm going to start posting more here, as well. It'll probably be mostly D&D/gaming related going forward, but I'll still talk about all the other stuff from time to time as well.

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