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Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bad Brains Cover

I tweeted last week some time - or maybe the week before, actually, I forget - that I was planning to write a series of linked zombie stories all set in Manchester. My idea was to write them and publish them to Kindle in the same day. I promptly wrote four of the stories and then lost my momentum. Cue nobody being surprised.

Over the last year and a half I've learned that I have real trouble committing to one project at a time - which is why I have so many half-finished manuscripts (and, of course, a stagnating Flash365 and a frankly dead-in-the-water Jukepop Serials novel). Whenever I get up a head of steam with one project I immediately start thinking about the next one, which is always so much more exciting, and then I jump ship. Or, worse, I start writing music again or reading a lot again or - recently, at least - designing board games, and I stop writing completely. Possibly this is due to currently working two jobs; the second I hit the part of a project where it's no longer easy it starts to feel like work, and I realise I really don't need three jobs. Possibly. Or possibly that's just an excuse.

I know that a large part of my general non-productivity over the last twelve months has been the depression I've been fighting with on and off - but these days it's mostly off, and I know I can't keep using that as a crutch.

I want to stop this trend of not finishing anything. So tonight I put together a cover for said zombie book. Here it is.

I'm pretty happy with it, though the blurb text needs to change. And the upshot is, I'm excited for the project again. I'm going to write the remaining stories over the next week or so, and then once it's back from beta readers and has been edited (and it will be a quick, dirty job of editing - I'm generally pretty happy with my first drafts, in all honesty - nothing I've had published has been noticeably different from the way it first spilled on to the page) I'm going to publish it simultaneously in ebook and paperback. As noted on the cover, there will be a bonus story in the print edition - and all the print versions will come bundles with a digital copy, too.

I'm excited. You should be excited. This is going to be fun.

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  1. I'm excited! I've never gotten as far as making a cover, so I feel ya.