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Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Wolves of The Calla

This is part six of my read-through of 'The Dark Tower'.  Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here, Part 3 is here, Part 4 is here, Part 5 is here, Part 7 is here and Part 8 is here. . Once again, here be spoilers. 

Somehow I didn't notice when reading Wind Through The Keyhole that the strange sat-nav thing that guides Tim through the forest cites Directive 19 as a reason for being unable to give him some information. And somehow, in reading the series, I'd completely forgotten that the books become obsessed with the number 19 in the final leg of the story. Of course, the second I opening Wolves I remembered, and that tiny little detail in Wind makes it slot into the world of The Dark Tower even more smoothly than I originally had thought.

This is the point in the series where King begins to get really meta-fictional. Don Callahan from Salem's Lot is a character of huge importance in Wolves, and we see Wolves modelled on Dr. Doom wielding lightsabers and golden snitches (or sneetches, if you prefer). I can't remember if there's anything else in the next two books - besides King appearing as a character, of course - but I'm sure there must be. In Wolves, at least, all these references are seamlessly woven into the narrative. I'm fairly sure that it's in the next book - Song of Susannah - that King makes his appearance, and I remember hating it at the time I first read the book. We'll see how I deal with it this time around.

I spent most of this book waiting for the Dogan to make an appearance, as it was the one thing I really remembered from this book, yet it's only in it for a few pages. I have the feeling it makes a reappearance in Song of Susannah, and plays quite a large role. This is also the point where King introduces the Breakers, who I had forgotten all about, and we start to learn what's happening to the world. There's a real sense that the story is drawing to a close now, that the end of the journey is in sight.

Some very brief reactions to Wolves:

  • I'd forgotten that Benny dies. I was genuinely shocked when it happened.
  • I have a feeling - though I'm not 100% sure - that Oy either doesn't speak again the series or that he stops speaking as much. I'd like to be wrong.
  • This is still my favourite of the books so far, even though I think I'm in the minority there. 
And still the Tower draws closer...

1 comment:

  1. My favorite too. This is the ka-tet at their mightiest, Roland at his most human. You get multi-dimensional worlds and a great western-flavored adventure. (Love the women and their throwing plates too.)