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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Tomorrows and Flash 365

The chapbook of flash fiction that I've been editing - entitled Tomorrows - is back from the printers.

Editing it has been hard work, but it was worth it. I learned a lot about how books are made, about dealing with authors (and, through that, how I should be dealing with editors if I want to make a good impression), and about what kinds of things I do and don't like in a story. I dealt with a re-write request - something I've never been asked to do as an author - which paid off (that particular story is one of my favourites in the book), and I learned that authors can be a demanding lot.

So far the feedback about the book has been fantastic, and I'm really looking forward to it being released into the wild. Copies are £4.50 and available here, with all the proceeds going back into the Uni of Salford Literary Society so that we can put out some more publications next year. You'll also be getting a brand new story from me - and really, why wouldn't you want that?

As far as flash fiction goes, I'm also happy to be able to announce that as of today I'm taking over the reins of Calum Kerr's Flash 365 project. He's been publishing a story a day to his blog for the past year. He finished yesterday, and he's passing the torch to me (as well as Kath Lloyd, who will be taking on the challenge as Mrs Flash 365). My page is here - please do follow it. I'll be posting a new story there every day for the next year, and they won't be posted to this blog. This one will be staying as it is - reviews, musings, music and occasional ramblings about writing.

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  1. This is wonderful chris. I'll definitely get a copy when I have dollar. I've also followed your other blog and look forward to your stories :D