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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

National Flash Fiction Day

It's the first National Flash Fiction Day. Hurrah! This has been a long time in the making for everyone involved, and it's great to have watched it all come together over the last few months even if the only part I've played in it has been editing Tomorrows. As a small celebration of the day, though, I thought I'd leave a little run-down of some of the things that're going on today (though this will probably be Manchester-specific). So, without further ado!

  • The official National Flash Fiction Day pop-up journal FlashFlood is live and has been publishing pieces of flash every hour or so since midnight. My piece Potency goes live at around 2PM, but you should head over there now and read the other stories. There's some really good stuff there!
  • The insanely energetic guys at FlashTag are doing a tour of Manchester, popping up all over the city to perform very short stories and then vanishing again. Keep up with them on Twitter @flashtagmcr
  • Bad Language are hosting an evening of flash fiction at 3-Minute Theatre in Afflecks Palace. It kicks off at 7:30pm and should be a great night. There will be loads of readings and things going on and stuff to buy, and I'll be there with copies of Tomorrows.
  • Jawbreakers, the anthology produced by Calum Kerr and the rest of the organisers of NFFD, is available now, and Jen Campbell has posted a great video of herself reading words that she wrote in the form of the title story from the anthology.
So, there are some of the ways you can get involved with the first National Flash Fiction Day. If nothing else you should definitely come down to the Bad Language event in the evening, and pop on the FlashFlood and check out some of the great stories there.

All that's left to say is a massive congratulations to Calum Kerr for thinking up and organising the whole thing!

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