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Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Waste Lands

This is part three of my read-through of 'The Dark Tower'.  Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here, Part 4 is here, Part 5 is here, Part 6 is here, Part 7 is here and Part 8 is here. . Once again, here be spoilers.

For some reason I didn't write this post when I finished The Waste Lands. I'm now getting to the end of Wizard and Glass, and my memories of book 3 are unfortunately already mixed up with the early half of this fourth book. As a result this post will be a little shorter than the others. That said, some impressions:

I remembered Blaine the Pain. What I didn't remember was that the actual confrontation with him - the riddling, the mad dash along his track towards Topeka at faster than the speed of sound, Eddie saving the day with dead baby jokes - comes at the beginning of Wizard and Glass and not at the end of The Waste Lands.

A similar thing happened with Lud as happened with the big set pieces in the earlier books. My memory of it was of a long, arduous battle through the streets, when really it's all over quite quickly in relation to the rest of the book.

I'm starting to realise that King sets things up - like the book of riddles, and Charlie The Choo-Choo - in one book so that he can use them in the next one. I'll keep an eye out in Wizard and Glass for anything that gets added to the group, because I'm sure it will be used in Wolves Of The Calla. I'm wondering if he will have carried anything over into Wind Through The Keyhole - I'm interested to see how it slots in to the series.

When I finished The Waste Lands I realised that I had very little memory of what was going to come next. I knew the confrontation with Blaine was coming, and Wolves Of The Calla has always been my favourite of the books so I think my memory of that book is quite good, but as for the content of Wizard And Glass? I had no idea - and, now that I'm most of the way through it, I realise that I'd forgotten most of it.

Another interesting thing - although we're getting more hints about why the Dark Tower is so important, we still don't really know why Roland and his ka-tet are going there. Not knowing why characters are doing things usually bothers me, but in this case I'm enjoying the ride and I trust King to reveal everything at some point.

Onwards, then. The Dark Tower awaits.

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