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Friday, 27 January 2012

Noise In Your Ears

I haven't done one of these for a while, as much as I enjoy them, so here's a quick round-up of the stuff I've been listening to since my last music update.

Firstly, the new Hawkeyes tracks have been getting a lot of love from me. The Mindhammers EP was a completely different beast to Modern Bodies; not as fast or aggressive, a bit more sludgy and stoner-y, yet I really really like it. The lead track off the EP is called 'Crack Another One' and it's quality. This just shows how long I've left it between posts, though, as the guys are now all about their new album Ideas (which you can pre-order here. The first track to be released from it is called 'Headstrung' and you can hear it over on their Facebook page. It's different again - slower, more melodic, and Paul's voice is completely different on it. Go check it out.

The Get Up Kids are giving away their song 'Rememorable' over at AlterThePress.

The new Cancer Bats track 'Old Blood' made its first appearance on the Radio 1 Rock Show a few weeks ago, and I've been waiting for the video ever since. It's now up on YouTube, and it's awesome. I love how heavy this track is; it reminds me of a slowed-down version of 'Sorceress', from Hail Destroyer. I can't wait to hear the rest of the album, and I really wish I'd managed to get a ticket for one of the release shows in London.

The Used posted the first track from their upcoming 5th studio album Vulnerable (or 6th, if you count Shallow Believer). It's called 'I Come Alive', and you can hear it here. To be honest it's just more of the same, but that doesn't take away from it being a good song.

There's been loads more new stuff, but that's what I've been listening to; along with loads of Refused and At The Drive-In following the announcements that both bands are getting back together for some shows. if I don;t manage to see them this year I might just sob.

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