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Monday, 3 October 2011

New Music Monday

Just a quick round-up of the new releases I've been listening to over the last week or so.

Pianos Become The Teeth have released a new song called Spine, taken from their upcoming album The Lack Long After. It's a pretty intense blast of post-hardcore, very melodic in places and nice and aggressive in others. I'm very much looking forward to the album. You can stream Spine here.

Transit are streaming their new album Listen and Forgive in its entirety here. It's a bit more on the pop side of pop-punk than Keep This To Yourself was, and Joe's voice is sounding better than ever before. Nice and chilled in places, as I've come to expect from Transit, and there's some solid song-writing here. Well worth a listen, and there are videos for a couple of the songs in with the stream.

Thrice have a song from their new album Major/Minor up for download here. It's called Words In The Water, and it's a perfect example of the direction the band is heading in these days (ever since Beggars came out). It's nice and chilled on the verses; Teppei's guitar lines are understated but effective, and I can imagine that the chorus will sound epic live. The album is up on Spotify but I haven't listened to it yet; based on this I really should.

The new I Am The Avalanche track Amsterdam is available here. It's taken from their forthcoming album Avalanche United, which is one of my most anticipated albums this year. The new tracks are a lot faster and heavier than the majority of their self-titled album, and Vinnie's vocals are stronger than I've ever heard them on this song. I love it.

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