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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Red Phone Box

My episode of Red Phone Box, Convergence, has gone live today. If you don't know about Red Phone Box, you should. Here's what Salome Jones, the mastermind behind it, has to say about it;

Something strange is happening whenever anyone gets into a particular London red phone box. A bevy of new and experienced writers set their creative powers to defining a darkly magical London. Red Phone Box is waiting for you…

Red Phone Box (the English name for phone booth) is a collaborative writing project. Every Wednesday and Saturday, another story will be published, written by a contributing author.

The main idea is to have the stories link up in some way, hopefully beyond just the appearance of the phone box. Each writer will read what’s come before and try to come up with something that adds to, builds on, builds up, or changes what has already happened.

Plans are well underway for an anthology of all the stories (plus an equal amount of new, anthology-only stories) to be collected in an ebook and (I think) a physical, dead-tree-variety book as well. It's a fantastic project, and I had a great time writing the story. I highly recommend you read it from the start.

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