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Tuesday, 9 August 2011


I'm sitting in the flat I've spent the day moving unable to go over to the new house because we feel safer on the third floor than the ground. There are police helicopters going overhead all the time and about an hour ago we heard a car exploding at Salford Precinct.

We're situated about half a mile from where it's kicking off in Salford and just over a mile from Manchester City Centre. Hopefully the trouble will stay isolated in those areas but if it spreads we're right in the middle. It's pretty scary.

I've already had a call from my manager to say they had to evacuate the store sharpish; they've had to leave money in the tills and if people get into the Arndale then it's likely I'll find a shop in ruins in the morning. And to top it all, two of my best friends are in their flat in the city centre literally hundreds of yards from where riot police are lining up against scum who only care about themselves.

What the fuck, Manchester? Get your act together and leave my city alone.

EDIT: As of 21;30 we can now smell burning. It smells like wood rather than a car or a house but it's strong and getting stronger. We have no idea what it is and can't see flames; I think that's the most unsettling part of it. I have a feeling things will get uglier now that it's getting dark. 

EDIT 22:07 A police helicopter just hovered over our estate for a few minutes with its searchlight on. It scanned around our estate then headed into Manchester following Blackfriars Road. As I type this it's overhead again, or a second chopper is.


  1. Stay safe and I hope it is over soon.

  2. Thanks. Now that it's gone dark there's a lot of tense expectation in the air. Hopefully it's just that and nothing will happen.