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Thursday, 14 July 2011

2011 in numbers so far, and some rejectomancy

I thought I'd do a bit of a round-up of the year so far to see where I'm up to with submissions and my 'write 40 stories' goal. I intended to do this at the halfway point of the year, but it was my birthday. Halfway through July is close enough.

So far this year I've;

  • Written 12 stories (with 2 left to finish), with a combined total of 24,719 words.
  • Written 8,200 words of a novel.
  • Submitted 31 different times to 21 markets.
  • Received 26 rejections; 15 form, 11 personal. All but 3 encouraged me to submit again.
  • 4 sales! 2 were reprints and 1 of those counts twice in the sales total for the year.
  • 1 story shortlisted for an anthology.
That's about it I think. So far this year I've written around 33k words, not counting the half-stories I've got lying around. There's my fairy story novel that I'm going to pick up again at some point as well, which isn't included in these figures as I haven't done anything on it this year.

My success rate is 12.9% (sales as a % of rejections), and the rate of personal rejections is 35%. I'd like the second number to be a lot higher, because that would mean I'm getting closer. Of course, if the first number goes higher then that would mean I've got there, and that would be a lot nicer! Let's take baby steps, though.

And what does all this mean? I've got another 28 stories to write this year to hit my target. With an average story length of around 2060 words, that means roughly another 57,680 words to write. It also means I need to write better than a story a week to hit that target, as there are 24 weeks left in the year. I'd best get cracking then!


  1. You're doing awesome toward reaching your goals! And honestly, your acceptance ratio is pretty darn good. =)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement!