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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Prizes in the post, part 2

Ever since Patrick Rothfuss' The Wise Man's Fear came out (which I blogged about here) I've been waiting anxiously to receive my signed first edition from The Signed Page. I placed the order months ago, and I'm used to waiting a while for things to come from the States, but this seemed like it had been taking forever.

Last night I got fed up of waiting, so I opened up my email inbox to find out exactly when I'd placed the order. There was no trace of it. Then I checked PayPal; also no trace. I couldn't find the payment on any of my bank statements, either. Very odd, but I came to the conclusion that I must have stared at the open tab, mouse hovering over 'Buy', until I talked myself out of spending so much on the book. That was the only solution I could find for why it hadn't arrived and I had no record of the order.

So imagine my surprise, after resigning myself to this, when a parcel arrived this morning. A parcel that contained this;

And inside? Why, this;

Very odd timing, but also very happy-making.

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