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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Nerd Bucket List

The Nerd Bucket List has been doing the rounds of Twitter this morning, so I thought I'd join in. There's not much on the Tumblr yet but hopefully it will grow. It's a pretty cool idea and Tumblr and Twitter are perfect for it. You know, because they're both full of nerds.

Anyway. I got to thinking. I've already done quite a lot of stuff that, to me, is really cool. I've been to SDCC (which is one of the only things on the Tumblr); I've met Neil Gaiman, Joss Whedon and half the cast of Firefly. Dave McKean has signed stuff for me and chatted to Ben Templesmith and Anthony Johnston about the shitty little town we both (Anthony and I, that is) live in. Or lived. He may have moved. I wouldn't blame him. I got out of there. I've also sold chocolate to Christoper Eccleston, been for dinner with Patrick Rothfuss and seen Pete Postlethwaite on stage.

There's loads more I'd like to do, though. So without further ado, here's ten items from my nerd bucket list.

  1. Have a story appear in an anthology alongside Neil Gaiman. This isn't just on my nerd bucket list, this is a life ambition.
  2. Be an extra in a comic book film. They were filming Captain America around the corner from my old flat, and while I went and strolled through the set I didn't have the courage to go and watch filming and try and get in on the action. Next time anything like that is in town, though, I'll be there.
  3. Get a sketch by Dave McKean, Charles Vess or Yoshitaka Amano. Pretty self explanatory, really.
  4. Get a tattoo designed for me by one of the above. I'm also going to add Ben Templesmith and Michael Zulli to the list. Having a tattoo designed for me by any artist who's work I love would be awesome, though.
  5. Be the voice of a video game character. Come on, Lionshead. You know you want me for Fable 4.
  6. Own a House Of The Dead arcade machine. My birthday is coming up in June. Put that on your list.
  7. Have a series of action figures made from something I've written. Because that would just be cool. And it gives me an excuse to make up weird monsters.
  8. Play D&D with Wil Wheaton. Need I say more?
  9. Appear in an episode of The Guild. I'm not an actor. Still, that would be cool.
  10. Do a roadtrip of all the weird places in American Godsp. If you don't know what this means then you need to read American Gods. Obviously. Go do it.
So that's it. There's a lot more on the actual list (which is in my head). What's on yours?


    1. Damn, a tattoo by Amano would rock! I've seen tattoos of authors'/artists' signatures, and that's pretty cool, but an original image would be amazing. I do want to get a replica of the "Believe!" that Neil wrote in my copy of AG tattooed somewhere on me. A good sentiment and more legible than his Hancock.

      Slightly boring but true American Gods story: I convinced my boyfriend to read it with me (I'd already read it a zillion times). The last time I checked with him, he was on Chapter Ten; then yesterday I came home and he was like, I finished it! Good boy. Now he understands. He still needs to read Sandman, though! :B

    2. Wouldn't it be great? I'm trying to decide on what quote I want on me and I really can't decide. Possibly the opening line of Bitter Grounds, because it's nice and morbid. I've nothing other than my name in his handwriting though.

      I'm trying to get my girlfriend to read Sandman with no luck. She's read Stardust and loved it, so that's a start, and she liked the Neverwhere TV show. So we're getting there, slowly :D