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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Where I Write

One of my favourite people on teh interwebz is Kyle Cassidy, a fantastic photographer and all-round inspiring person. His blogs are always entertaining and uplifting, and he's always telling his readers to go "do something awesome today." That's a philosophy I can get behind.

My personal favourite project of his is Where I Write; photos of best-selling writers in their creative spaces. I love these little glimpses into the world of genius, and the difference that can be seen in each picture. For example, compare the chaos of Michael Swanwick's office with the clinical emptiness of Harry Harrison's;

Images © Kyle Cassidy. Used without permission. Click to embiggen.

I really do love this project, and I can't wait for it to become a physical thing I can have on my bookcase (the other reason for that is because Neil Gaiman is going to be in it. Remind me to post a picture of my Neil Gaiman bookcase when I'm next procrastoblogging).

Yes, I'm procrastinating (I like the word procrastoblogging actually), so I thought I'd share mine. This should more accurately be called Where I Type, because my first-drafting is done longhand wherever I've got room to wield a notebook and pen. But still. 

Big cup of coffee and the world's most uncomfortable chair to stop me falling asleep, right next to my bed for when that's just inevitable. What you probably can't see are my stuffed Sonic and Tails toys hiding behind the box-file and books, there for moral support.

Yeah. What?

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