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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Prizes in the post

I love getting things in the post, especially when those things are shaped like books. Luckily I buy a lot of books online, so it’s like every day is Christmas for me.

Today I received an issue of Shock Totem – who I intend to try and sell to in the near future – a signed limited edition (my favourite kind of edition) of Bryan’s Gold by Peter V. Brett (released by Subterranean Press, and I’ll blog about them later because they produce amazing books), and the first chapbook from Spectral Press.

Spectral Press are a new publisher who produce extremely limited edition chapbooks (this first one is limited to 100 signed copies). They’re focussing on stories with a ghostly/supernatural theme, which is right up my alley. The first book looks like this;
I love chapbooks, and this is a cracking one. It’s a great story, the kind that makes me go I wish I’d written this. The Quiet Room is a really cool idea, although I think I would have done something very different with it.

But anyway… It’s a great read, and this is a really high-quality product. I would have liked to see some illustrations alongside the text as well, but that would have made this much more expensive. As it is a Spectral Press subscription will only set you back a tenner, and that gets you a year’s worth of chapbooks (they’re going to be released quarterly). On it’s own this is £3.50, and that includes postage. Bargain. You should invest.

The imprint is invitation only. I’m going to add them to my list of people I’d one day like to be asked to write for, which includes Subterranean Press and PS Publishing. I’d best get cracking on becoming a successful writer, really.

Also, I've just spotted an interview with Simon Marshall-Jones (the editor/owner of Spectral), in which he says this;
"I would like to expand the lines available from Spectral – first, in line with my love of old ghost stories, there’ll be Spectral Old Masters, which will reprint out-of-print and out-of-copyright stories from the late Victorian/Edwardian/early 20th century eras."

Can I be the first to say yes, please?

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