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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Post-It Monsters

I was pointed in the direction of this guy's blog today courtesy of my good friend Whiteh. This guy draws illustrations of monsrers of Post-It notes, and they're incredible.

(Image © John Kenn. Used without permission.)

This one in particular reminds me of the scene in The Amber Spyglass when Lyra is crossing the lake to the land of the dead, which is one of my favourite scenes in any of those books. You should look through the rest of his blog, because these drawings are incredible. Maybe when I'm a mega-successful writer I'll ask him to illustrate some of my work. </ego>

In other news, tonight I'm going to try and get the first draft of the mermaid story finished so I can type it up at the beginning of next week and start on one of the other stories burning a hole in my skull.

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