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Thursday, 20 January 2011

It Happened To Me!

While I was killing time after work I spotted this;
Terrible blurry photo.

It's full of supposedly true stories of people's encounters with the paranormal, and it's an absolute treasure trove of story ideas. I've already found something that's going to help kickstart my fairy story back into action, and found a few things I want to research.

I sense a subscription to the Fortean Times in my future... 

In other news, I've got one - possibly two - more scenes to write on the mermaid story before it's done and I send it out to beta readers. And, even more exciting, I tweeted Kyle Cassidy about my last entry - to check he didn't mind me putting his photos up - and he tweeted a link about the blog*. I'm going to take that as permission to use the photos...

*This made me grin for roughly 82gajillion hours.

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